Researching human spatial recognition

NSF Science Nation Video - April 2, 2014

With funding from the National Science Foundation, Amy Shelton is testing human spatial recognition. Study subjects learn and recall their way around a virtual maze while an MRI scans their brains. By analyzing MRI images of blood flow in the human Shelton can get a picture of how the brain learns and recalls the spatial world outside the body.

NSF BRAIN Initiative Videos

The National Science Foundation has assembled a number of excellent videos related to the BRAIN Initiative and neuroscience. You can browse these videos in sliders we have created with the following categories: BRAIN Initiative, Mysteries of the Brain, Neuroengineering, Phylogeny, and Theorists.

You can also view a sampling of these videos here in this post or you can find them on the NSF BRAIN Initiative YouTube Channel or on the NSF BRAIN Initiative website. Most of the videos were produced by NSF's Science Nation, "the online magazine that's all about science for the people".

Ultrasound tech for degenerative diseases

"Ultrasound technology could treat degenerative brain diseases"
Science Nation – April 2, 2014

Elisa Konofagou, a bioengineer at Columbia University, believes ultrasound technology could become be a vital component in treating and perhaps curing degenerative brain diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. One big problem is associated with the blood/brain barrier. Konofagou believes ultrasound waves could be one key to turning the blood/brain barrier on and off.

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