Richard Huganir

Professor and Director, Department of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University
Co-Director, Brain Science Institute; and HHMI investigator
President, Society for Neuroscience (2017-2018)
Member, Multi-Council Working Group (NIMH council)

Huganir's lab is credited for examining the molecular mechanisms underlying the regulation of neurotransmitter receptor function with a focus on glutamate receptors.Their studies have suggested that regulation of receptor function may be a major mechanism for the regulation of synaptic plasticity in the nervous system in health and disease.

NIH Neuroscience Seminar- April 13, 2015

TITLE: Mechanisms of ubiquitin signaling in gene regulation and chromatin dynamics

AUTHOR: Cynthia Wolberger, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

TIME: 12:00:00 PM  DATE: Monday, April 13, 2015

PLACE: Porter Neuroscience Research Center

Live NIH Videocast (archived after seminar)

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