Neuroethics & the BRAIN Initiative – (under dev’t)


At the most recent Multi-Council Working Group meeting on July 30, 2015, Hank Greely and Christine Grady proposed to form a Neuroethics committee as part of the BRAIN Initiative.The MCWG agreed to the creation of this committee. Four MCWG members voluteered to be part of this committee to be chaired by Greely and Grady.

You’re invited to watch our live, panel discussion about Neuroethics and the BRAIN Initiative. We welcome member and public questions and comments. Coming soon.

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BRAIN 2015 Live- Spotlight on Neuroethics & the BRAIN Initiative

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We welcome your questions, suggestions, and feedback. You can submit your questions at the twitter hastag #brain2015live. You can email your questions prior to this Hangout On Air to: If you are a Hub member, you can enter your questions in the Comments section of this post.

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