BRAIN 2015 Live 9.4.15

BRAIN 2015 Review of the Week
Friday September 4, 2015
Host: Todd Gillette, PhD
Panelists: Katie Yang, Sumit Nanda

Segment 1: “Noise in mental exploration for learning”
Segment 2: “Decoding and Modulation of Human Language”
Segment 3: “Neural Approaches to Understanding Science Text”
Segment 4: “PSU Institute of Neurosciences”
Segment 5: “The BRAIN Initiative at SfN 2015”

BRAIN 2015 Live – 8.14.15

4 pm EDT - For week of August 1 to August 7, 2015

I- Multi-Council Working Group Meeting 7/30/15 (BRAIN Initiative)

II- Activity measurement at single cell (NIH grant)

III- I am a connectome (Video)

IV- (Brain Mapping)

Host: Todd Gillette;
Panelists: Sasha Rosser; Katie Yang, Michele Ferrante

BRAIN 2015 Live – 8.7.15

For week of July 25 to July 31 - Start time: 4pm EDT.

I- Multi-Council Working Group Meeting 7/31/15

II- Patrick Kanold- Crowd coding in the brain

III- Calcium sensors for molecular fMRI

IV- Mind-controlled quadcopter (video)

Panelists: Todd Gillette (host), Alexandra Rosser (Hubmaster)

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