Human Brain Project management contrasted w/ BRAIN Initiative

The key difference between Europe's HBP and the U.S.'s BRAIN Initiative is that the latter does not depend on a single scientific vision. Instead many teams will compete for grants and lead innovation into different, unplanned directions.

Competition is happening via the nimh's traditional peer-review process, which prevents the conflicts of interest that plagued decision making at the HBP.

Stefan Theil, Scientific American

NFL & GE Announce Six Head Health Winners

GE and the NFL announced today the six final winners of the up to $10 million Head Health Challenge I:
Banyan Biomarkers; BrainScope Company; Medical College of Wisconsin; Quanterix, Lexington, Mass.; UC Santa Barbara (UCSB), ; and University of Montana.

Each winner will receive a $500,000 award to advance their work to speed diagnosis and improve treatment for mild traumatic brain injury. This award is in addition to $300,000 previously awarded to the 16 first round winners of the Head Health Challenge I.

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