BRAIN 2015 Digest – 11.9.15

BRAIN 2015 Digest – 11.9.15

From Monday Oct. 26 to Sunday November 8, 2015 Focus this week on 

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Kavli Posts

George Church, PhD – Harvard

Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School Director, and the Church Lab

Dr. Church was part of a team of six that proposed in 2012 a Brain Activity Map which morphed into the BRAIN Initiative. They outlined specific experimental techniques that might be used to achieve what they termed a “functional connectome”  as well as new technologies to detect and manipulate neuronal activity. In a 2015 Neuron article, they proposed establishing a national network of Brain Observatories.


Paul Alivisatos, PhD – UC Berkeley

Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Berkeley Distinguished Professor of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Director, Kavli Energy Nanosciences Institute

Dr. Alivisatos research breakthroughs include the synthesis of size- and shape-controlled nanoscrystals, and forefront studies of nanocrystal properties, including optical, electrical, structural and thermodynamic. He was also part of a team of six that proposed in 2012 a Brain Activity Map which morphed into the BRAIN Initiative.


Ralph Greenspan, PhD – UCSD

Associate Director, Kavli Institute for Mind and Brain  Professor, Neurobiology UCSD and Director, Center for Brain Activity Mapping Co-Director, Cal-Brain

Dr. Greenspan was part of a team of six that proposed in 2012 a ...

Brain Projects Digest – 10.26.15

Featured Organization:
IARPA & the BRAIN Initiative

Featured Program:
KRNS, Knowledge Representation in Neural Systems

Featured Program:
SHARP, Strengthening Human Adaptive Reasoning and Problem-Solving

Featured Person:
R. Jacob Vogelstein, PhD – IARPA

Brain Projects Digest – 9.27.15

Featured Research:
Gray Matters: Topics at the Intersection of Neuroscience, Ethics, and Society

Featured Person
James Giordano, PhD – Georgetown

Featured Organization:
International Neuroethics Society (INS)

Featured Event:
International Neuroethics Society 2015 Annual Meeting

Brain Projects Digest – 9.13.15

Featured Research:
RAM Replay, a DARPA program

Featured Research:
HAPTIX – DARPA program

Featured Person:
Geoffrey Ling, MD, PhD – DARPA

Featured Organization:
DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8.25.15

Person of the Day
Behnaam Aazhang, PhD – Rice

Person of the Day
Nitin Tandon, MD – UT Health

Research of the Day
Decoding and Modulation of Human Language

Video of the Day
Understanding and mapping the human brain

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8.24.15

Person of the Day
Sydney Cash, MD/PhD – Mass General

Person of the Day
Nian X. Sun, PhD - Northeastern

Organization of the Day
Neuroscience Program @GMU

Video of the Day
The Human Brain - National Geographic Documentary

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/19/15

Person of the Day
Charles Gilbert, MD/PhD – Rockefeller

Organization of the Day
Australia and the BRAIN Initiative

Video of the Day
The Dynamic Brain

Research of the Day
A circuit theory of cortical function

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/18/15

Person of the Day
Rajesh Menon, PhD – Utah

Organization of the Day
Brain Canada and the BRAIN initiative

Wikipedia Entry
Neural Engineering

Research of the Day
Imaging synaptic activity using super-resolution cannula microscopy

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/17/15

Person of the Day
Aude Oliva, PhD – MIT

Organization of the Day
BRAIN Initiative Neuroethics Committee

Research of the Day
Neural representation of visual memory

Video of the Day
Time, Space, and Computation – Aude Oliva

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/14/15

BRAIN Initiative
Robbie Barbero, PhD – OSTP

NIH 2014 Grants
Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI)

Media (Videocast)
NIH Data Science Distinguished Seminar Series

Mapping & Intervention
IOM Workshop on Non-Invasive Neuromodulation

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/13/15

BRAIN Initiative
Monica Ramirez Basco, PhD – OSTP

NIH 2014 Grants
Imaging Brain Function with Portable MRI

Media (Video)
How well can you focus your brain?

Mapping & Intervention
NSF 16 new awards for BRAIN Initiative

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/12/15

BRAIN Initiative:
Tom Kalil – OSTP

NIH 2014 Grants:
Advancing MRI & MRS Technologies

Mapping & Intervention :
Hippocampome Portal

Media (Video):
How smart can we get – Nova Science

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/11/15

BRAIN Initiative -
Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity

NIH 2014 Grants –
MRI Neuro-Electro-Magnetic Oscillations

Mapping & Intervention - – 3D reconstructions

Media (Video) -
Mysteries of the Brain: Frontiers in Neuroscience

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/10/15

BRAIN Initiative -
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

NIH 2014 Grants –
Vascular Interfaces for Brain Imaging

Media (Video) -
HarvardX, The Fundamentals of Neuroscience: Part 3

Mapping & Intervention -
Optogenetics captures neuronal transmission

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/9/15

Clockwise from top left
BRAIN Initiative
OSTP and The BRAIN Initiative

NIH 2014 Grants
Ultrasonic neuromodulation in vivo

Media (Wikipedia)
‘Brain Mapping Outline’

Mapping & Intervention
Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/8/15

BRAIN Initiative
BRAIN Universities

NIH 2014 Grants - Next Generation Human Imaging
Micro-Dose, Wearable PET Brain Imager=

Mapping & Intervention
Picturing the Brain, Paul Thompson

Media (video)
How to look inside the brain

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/7/15

BRAIN Initiative
NIH Institutes and BRAIN Initiative

NIH 2014 Grants
Multiplexed Nanoscale In Situ Proteomics

Media (Wikipedia entry)

Mapping & Intervention
Allen Brain Atlases

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/6/15

BRAIN Initiative
BRAIN Multi-Council Working Group

NIH 2014 Grants
Enhancers define cortical interneuron types

Media (video)
A map of the brain

Mapping & Intervention – Wikipedia for Neurons

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/5/15

BRAIN Initiative
NIH Data Science Distinguished Seminar Series

NIH 2014 Grants
Remote regulation of neural activity

Media (Hangout On Air)
The Brain or the Universe – Where Does Math Come From?

Mapping & Intervention
Holographic optogenetics and olfactory coding

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/4/15

BRAIN Initiative
Kip Ludwig, PhD – NINDS

2014 Grants
Nontoxic transsynaptic tracing

Mapping & Intervention
ENIGMA mapping brain’s genetic code

Media (video)
I am my connectome

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/3/15

BRAIN Initiative
Christine Grady, RN/PhD – NIH

2014 Grants
Optogenetic toolkit for control of cells

Mapping & Intervention
Human Brain Project

Media (video)
From Neurons to Neighborhoods: Tom Insel

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/2/15

NSF BRAIN Initiative Videos
Movie ‘Inside Out’ and Neuroscience

Person of the Day- William Newsome, PhD – Stanford
Organization of the Day – Google and The BRAIN Initiative
Video of the Day – Eliciting brain plasticity

Research of the Day – Activity measurement at single cell
Researcher of the Day – Craig Forest, PhD – Ga. Tech
Lab of the Day – Roth Lab – Precision Biosystems Laboratory – Ga. Tech
University of the Day – Neuro@Tech

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 8/1/15

ENIGMA mapping brain’s genetic code
Artifical neuron mimics human cells

Person of the Day- Bradley Hyman, MD, PhD – Mass General
Organization of the Day - Kavli Foundation
Video of the Day - Seeing Beyond the Visual Cortex

Research of the Day - Dreadd2.0: A Chemogenetic Toolkit
Researcher of the Day - Bryan Roth, MD/PhD – UNC
Lab of the Day - Roth Lab – UNC
University of the Day - UNC Neuroscience

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 7/31/15

Montana Brain Injury Center – GE & NFL Head Health Challenge I Winner

Person of the Day – Fritjof Helmchen, PhD – Zurich

Organization of the Day – University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute

Video of the Day – The connection between sleep and memory

Research of the Day – Vascular Interfaces for Brain Imaging

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 7/30/15

UCSB Brain Imaging Center – GE & NFL Head Health Challenge I Winner
Multi-Council Working Group Meeting July 30, 2015

Person of the Day – John Maunsell

Organization of the Day – Neuroscience at University of Chicago

Video of the Day – Mind Reading Computer System

Research of the Day – Mapping Sensory-Motor Pathways

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 7/29/15

Quanterix – GE & NFL Head Health Challenge I Winner

Patrick Kanold

UMD Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Ultrasound tech for degenerative diseases

Integrated approach to visual neuroscience

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 7/28/15

Medical College of Wisconsin – GE & NFL Head Health Challenge I Winner

Chris Xu

Cornell University

Multiplexed Nanoscale In Situ Proteomics

Mind-controlled quadcopter

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest for 7/27/15

BrainScope – GE & NFL Head Health Challenge I Winner

Research of the Day - Calcium sensors for molecular fMRI

Person of the Day - Serge Picaud

Organization of the Day - Carnegie Mellon ‘BrainHub’

Video of the Day- Causes of nausea during a 3D movie

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 7/26/15

Banyan Biomarkers – GE & NFL Head Health Challenge I Winner

Restoring 3D Neural Tissue

Next generation imaging in vivo

Kit S. Lam

UT System Neuroscience Institute

Researching human spatial recognition

BRAIN 2015 Daily Digest – 7/25/15

Big Neuron – Towards Big Data in Neuroscience

How dendritic spines make memories

Combining genetics, genomics & anatomy

Emery Brown, MD, PhD – MIT

Pierre and Marie Curie University

Stress and the teenager’s brain

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