BRAIN Initiative Videos

The Link Map in this post (also accessible from the Quick Link icon on the far left of the menu bar) provides an easy way to access all the videos in this Hub from one PDF. Each name is a link to a slide show of video posts.

One of this Hub's goals is to aggregate and organize the most comprehensive selection of high quality videos related to the Initiative. We particularly focus on YouTube uploaded videos because they adhere to the CC-BY standard.

Partners & The BRAIN Initiative

In addition to the National Institute of Health's 10 Institutes and other programs spearheading the BRAIN Initiative, numerous other Federal agencies, companies, universities, private research centers, and universities are participating.

Over $300 million has been pledged to support the BRAIN Initiative. The five participating federal agencies are NIH, NSF, DARPA, FDA and IARPA. Major non-governmental commitments have come from numerous participants including the original private sector partners - Allen Institute, HHMI, and Kavli Foundation.

BRAIN 2015 Blog of Blogs

This 'BRAIN 2015 Blog' will aggregate the best blog posts from the BRAIN Initiative community. We repost open access blogs .... and we summarize other selected blog posts.

Bloggers include:
Tom Insell, NIMH Director
Walter Koroshetz, NINDS Director
Tom Kalil, OSTP Technology and Innovation Deputy Director
James Olds, NSF Assistant Director BIO Directorate
Hank Greely, At large member Multi-Council Working Group

Brain Projects Digest – 9.27.15

Featured Research:
Gray Matters: Topics at the Intersection of Neuroscience, Ethics, and Society

Featured Person
James Giordano, PhD – Georgetown

Featured Organization:
International Neuroethics Society (INS)

Featured Event:
International Neuroethics Society 2015 Annual Meeting

BRAIN 2015 Live 9.4.15

BRAIN 2015 Review of the Week
Friday September 4, 2015
Host: Todd Gillette, PhD
Panelists: Katie Yang, Sumit Nanda

Segment 1: “Noise in mental exploration for learning”
Segment 2: “Decoding and Modulation of Human Language”
Segment 3: “Neural Approaches to Understanding Science Text”
Segment 4: “PSU Institute of Neurosciences”
Segment 5: “The BRAIN Initiative at SfN 2015”

BRAIN 2015 Live – 8.14.15

4 pm EDT - For week of August 1 to August 7, 2015

I- Multi-Council Working Group Meeting 7/30/15 (BRAIN Initiative)

II- Activity measurement at single cell (NIH grant)

III- I am a connectome (Video)

IV- (Brain Mapping)

Host: Todd Gillette;
Panelists: Sasha Rosser; Katie Yang, Michele Ferrante

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