NSF 2015 BRAIN Initiative awards

To support potentially transformative research in neural and cognitive systems, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded 16 grants to multidisciplinary teams from across the United States.

Each award brings together scientists and engineers from diverse fields to investigate brain-related mysteries. The awards fall within two themes: neuroengineering and brain-inspired concepts and designs, and individuality and variation. Each provides up to $1 million over two to four years.

NSF BRAIN Initiative Videos

The National Science Foundation has assembled a number of excellent videos related to the BRAIN Initiative and neuroscience. You can browse these videos in sliders we have created with the following categories: BRAIN Initiative, Mysteries of the Brain, Neuroengineering, Phylogeny, and Theorists.

You can also view a sampling of these videos here in this post or you can find them on the NSF BRAIN Initiative YouTube Channel or on the NSF BRAIN Initiative website. Most of the videos were produced by NSF's Science Nation, "the online magazine that's all about science for the people".

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