Genetic Sparse Labeling Mammalian Neuron

Principal Investigator: X. William Yang
UCLA Neuroscience
Title: "Novel Genetic Strategy for Sparse Labeling and Manipulation of Mammalian Neurons"
BRAIN Category: Tools for Cells and Circuits (RFA MH-14-216)

Dr. Yang's team will develop a new way to genetically target specific neurons, incorporating streamlined imaging and mapping methods that will enable the detection of sparse populations of cells that often elude existing methods.

Cell types in developing human fetal cortex

Principal Investigator: Daniel H Geschwind
UCLA Neuroscience
Title: "Defining cell types, lineage, and connectivity in developing human fetal cortex "
BRAIN Category: Census of Cell Types (RFA MH-14-215)

Dr. Geschwind's group will explore the diversity of cell types in the developing human brain, and will bring to bear state-of-the-art genetic and cellular visualization technology to map and trace the relationship between cell types across the cortex.

Cortical Neurons by Transcriptome

Principal Investigator: Massimo Scanziani
Title: "Classifying Cortical Neurons by Correlating Transcriptome with Function"
UC San Diego’s Neuroscience
BRAIN Category: Census of Cell Types (RFA MH-14-215)

Dr. Scanziani's team will record neuronal responses to different visual stimuli to discover how individual brain cell activity is linked to expression of specific genes.

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