Protein-based Voltage Probes

Principal Investigator: Vincent Allen Pieribone
Yale Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program
Title: "Development of Protein-based Voltage Probes"
BRAIN Category: Large-Scale Recording-Modulation - Optimization (RFA NS-14-008)

Dr. Pieribone and his team will optimize fluorescent voltage probe technology, to allow scientists to measure the activity of thousands of neurons using only a camera and a microscope.

Cell-Type Classification in the Human Brain

Principal Investigator: Nenad Sestan
Yale Neuroscience
Title: "A Novel Approach for Cell-Type Classification and Connectivity in the Human Brain"
BRAIN Category: Census of Cell Types (RFA MH-14-215)

Dr. Sestan's group will substantially advance the profiling of cell types – their molecular identities and connections – made possible by a new method of better preserving brain tissue to maintain cell integrity.

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