Neural representation of visual memory

Principal Investigator: Aude Oliva - MIT
Title: Algorithmically explicit neural representation of visual memorability
BRAIN Category: Neuroengineering and brain-inspired concepts and design (#1532591)

We propose to combine three technologies to predict what makes an image memorable or forgettable: neuro-imaging technologies recording where encoding happens in the human brain (spatial scale), when it happens (temporal scale), and what types of computation are performed at the different stages of storage (computational scale.

Vascular Interfaces for Brain Imaging

PI: Robert Desimone
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: "Vascular Interfaces for Brain Imaging and Stimulation"
BRAIN category: Next Generation Human Imaging (RFA MH-14-217)

Dr. Desimone's project will access the brain through its network of blood vessels to less invasively image, stimulate and monitor electrical and molecular activity than existing methods.

Nontoxic transsynaptic tracing

Principal Investigator: Ian Wickersham
MIT Neuroscience
Title: "Novel technologies for nontoxic transsynaptic tracing"
BRAIN Category: Tools for Cells and Circuits (RFA MH-14-216)

Dr. Wickersham and colleagues will develop nontoxic viral tracers to assist in the study of neural circuitry underlying complex behaviors.

Calcium sensors for molecular fMRI

PI: Alan Jasanoff
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: "Calcium sensors for molecular fMRI"
BRAIN category: Large-Scale Recording-Modulation - New Technologies (RFA NS-14-007)

Dr. Jasanoff's team will synthesize calcium-sensing contrast agents that will allow functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans to reveal activity of individual brain cells

Next generation imaging in vivo

Principal Investigator: Elly Nedivi
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyTitle: "Next generation high-throughput random access imaging, in vivo"
BRAIN category: Large-Scale Recording-Modulation - Optimization (RFA NS-14-008)

Dr. Nedivi's team proposes a new imaging technology to simultaneously record activity at each of the thousands of synapses, or communication points, on a single neuron.

Cortical circuits and information flow

Principal Investigator: Mriganka Sur
MIT Neuroscience
Title: "Cortical circuits and information flow during memory-guided perceptual decisions"
BRAIN Category:

Dr. Sur and his team will combine a number of cutting-edge, large-scale imaging and computational techniques to determine the exact brain circuits involved in generating short term memories that influence decisions.

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