Nanomagnetic Stimulation Capability

Principal Investigators: Sydney Cash, MD/PhD – Mass General and Nian X. Sun, PhD – Northeastern
Title: Nanomagnetic Stimulation Capability for Neural Investigation and Control
BRAIN Category: Neuroengineering and Brain-inspired concepts and design

Abstract not yet available.

Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI)

Principal Investigator: Lawrence Wald
Title: "Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) for Functional Brain Imaging in Humans"
BRAIN Category: Next Generation Human Imaging (RFA MH-14-217)

The Wald team plans to use an iron-oxide contrast agent to track blood volume, which will permit dramatically more sensitive imaging of human brain activity than existing methods.

Neural circuits in zebrafish

Principal Investigator: Florian Engert
Program in Neuroscience @Harvard
Title: "Neural circuits in zebrafish: form, function and plasticity"
BRAIN Category: Understanding Neural Circuits (RFA NS-14-009)

Dr. Engert's team will combine a wide array of cutting-edge neuroscience techniques to watch the entire brain activity of a see-through fish while it swims, and to make detailed maps of its brain circuitry.

Mapping neuronal chloride microdomains

Principal Investigator: Kevin J. Staley
Neuroscience@Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital
Title: "Mapping neuronal chloride microdomains"
BRAIN Category: Tools for Cells and Circuits (RFA MH-14-216)

Using protein engineering technology to monitor the movement of chloride through inhibitory neurotransmitter receptor channels, Dr. Staley's group aims to understand the role of chloride microdomains in memory.

Neuronal Subtypes By Cell Transcriptomics

Principal Investigator: Joshua R Sanes
Title: "Comprehensive Classification Of Neuronal Subtypes By Single Cell Transcriptomics"
BRAIN Category: Census of Cell Types (RFA MH-14-215)

Dr. Sanes and colleagues will use new methods of genetic screening to comprehensively catalog and distinguish different kinds of cells across species and brain regions.

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