Integrated approach to visual neuroscience

PI: Sebastian Seung, Princeton University
Title: "Vertically integrated approach to visual neuroscience: microcircuits to behavior"
BRAIN category: Understanding Neural Circuits

Dr. Seung and colleagues will use state-of-the-art genetic, electrophysiological, and imaging tools to map the connectivity of the retina, the light-sensing tissue in the eye. The goal is to delineate all the retina's neural circuits and define their specific roles in visual perception and behavior.

Neural circuit dynamics in working memory

Principal Investigator: Carlos D Brody
Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Title: "Mechanisms of neural circuit dynamics in working memory"
BRAIN Category: Understanding Neural Circuits (RFA NS-14-009)

Dr. Brody and his colleagues will study the underlying neuronal circuitry that contributes to short-term "working" memory, using tools to record circuit activity across many brain areas simultaneously while rodents run on a track-ball through virtual mazes projected onto a screen.

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